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Our Policies

Health & Safety

The health & safety of everyone we come into contact with has always been a high priority. We aim to make sure that every project that we undertake, from the simplest of tasks to the biggest projects, is always done with safety in mind first. To this end we have developed a Safety Management Plan in line with AS/NZS 4801, which ensures that safety is always our top priority. 

We understand that safety is a shared responsibility, that's why we make sure that all our employees, no matter their position, are educated in safe working procedures and practices. Every job that goes through the workshop has a Job Detail Sheet written up for it, all the potential hazards and risks involved for that job are investigated and detailed onto the sheet.

We ensure that all our personnel are always up to date with the relevant training & tickets to be able to do their jobs safety. These include but are not limited to:


  • Confined Space training

  • Working at Heights

  • EWP tickets

  • Overhead Gantry Crane training

  • Rigging

We realise that not all safety systems are the same, that's why we make sure that all our personnel that are deployed to client's sites follow the site specific safety policies & procedures. All our personnel are trained in the use of Job Hazard Analysis forms and have used them extensively on various sites around Western Australia.

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At HavCon Engineering we are aware of the effect caused by workplace activities, we believe that every effort imposed will reduce the effects on the environment in which we operate and count towards overall community commitment in reducing climate change effects.

We strive to identify opportunities that will improve our environmental management at every stage of our projects, from design through to commissioning. We aim to proactively measure and maintain environmental risks within our local community and surrounding environments.

  • Management will be accountable for monitoring and managing our waste and environmental risks created by HavCon Engineering.

  • HavCon Engineering will provide the correct training and equipment to instil our values and principals.

  • HavCon Engineering will comply with laws and regulations set by the Government.

  • Effectively communicate our environmental management approaches to provide environmental awareness throughout our company.

  • Minimise waste, implement recycling where available, and encourage re-use practices.

  • Promote the use of technology, therefore minimising the usage of paper and printing materials.

The objective of the above is to help promote environmental awareness, not only within our company and employees, but also for the community.

This Policy addresses the key strategies for implementation of environmental awareness within our workplace, and the community through documentation, communication, and constant monitoring of our wastage. HavCon Engineering can achieve this objective. To ensure efficient implementation of the above all employees are expected to understand, be accountable, promote, and comply with HavCon Engineering's Environmental Policy.


HavCon Engineering's prime objective is to produce products that exceed our client's expectations. Regardless of job, status, or title within the company, everybody shall endeavour to ensure that:

  • Customer requirements are understood.

  • Product Quality is consistent.

  • Quality goods and services are delivered on time, every time.

  • Goods are made correctly, the first time.

  • All communications are clear and effective.

  • Everybody participates in continuous improvement.

To help achieve these requirements, all HavCon Engineering personnel are required to follow a strict procedure for all works, including but not limited to:

  • Weld Testing

  • Weld Procedures

  • Colour tagging at certain stages for ongoing inspection

  • Assembly procedures and checklists

  • Quality verification during fabrication at each stage

  • Approval for dispatch

  • Material Data Reports

  • Job Detail Sheets

We also have our own full time CSWIP acredited welding inspector that manages all our procedures and quality documentation, inclduing organising all traceability, weld procedures, and compiling our MDR's. Through our use of these quality control systems we will always bring our Clients the highest quality of work, with the best possible turnarounds, meaning less time spent on maintenance in the long run. This allows for us to put greater efficiencies in place, maximising the resources we have, allowing us to pass on cost savings to our Clients.

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