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Surface Treatment

We are able to provide a wide range of surface treatment options to suit the requirements of any given project. We have completed projects that included surface treatment ranging from hot dip galvanising, powder coating, sand blasting, prime and paint, rubber lining, ceramic lining, and specialty painting systems for high temp/high corrosive environments.

Engineering Verification/FEA

The need to have new designs tested and verified as structurally sound and safe to use is essential to a safe working environment. We can provide engineering verification and computer based Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for any project that we undertake. This includes getting existing tooling and structures verified for older areas of the plants and refineries that might not have documentation, as well as proper design drawings completed.

Load Testing & Verification

As an additional check to an engineering verification, we are able to get any lifting points or tooling load tested and certified to a particular load limit. As a standard verification the load testing is done to AS 4991 for Lifting Devices, but can be further tested to the specific Australian Standard that most closely relates to the project.

Non-Destructive Testing

As a form of quality control, and to verify that each project is being done according to the correct standard, we can provide NDT reports that are completed by a third party NATA accredited company to match every project that we complete. The types of testing that we have completed in the past include die penetrant, magnetic particle inspection, radiography, and ultrasound.

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