Laser Scanning

We use the latest in laser scanning and 3D modelling technology to enhance our design and drafting for the fabrication workshop. Using our Faro X130 scanner we are able to accurately reverse engineer plant and equipment.

This gives us more than just a way to get dimensions, it allows us to fully document and visualise a project from the office as if we were actually on site. 

We can use this information to more efficiently:

  • Build around existing structures

  • Duplicate components

  • Ensure accurate fit up of new designs

  • Document and create wear plate layouts

  • Reduce time on site and dangerous entry requirements

  • Fully document a project before, during, and after completion

  • Give us the ability to better communicate with site personnel

  • Plan the logistics of a project with the ability to visualise the entire area from access to power and more.



Coarse Ore Screen Dust Cover


Pipe Spools

Stainless Steel Cross over Tube



Dust Collection Bin

Dust Collection Bin - Start to Finish.JPG