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We have two mobile Franna Cranes, a 16T and 25T, that are available to support our clients operations on site. Our operators have a wide variety of experience, including dual lifts, awkward lifts, and supervising lifts for larger cranes. We have experience in successfully completing lifts in a safe and efficient way in many different environments and on a wide variety of sites. We can also organise additional cranes of various sizes for you to suit the requirements of any job that you might need.

  • 16T Mobile Franna Crane

  • 25T Mobile Franna Crane

  • Dual Lifts

  • Lift Supervision

  • Additional Cranes on Demand

For our schedule of rates or to book the crane, please call or email the office on:

Phone: (08) 9729 1977



Having a truck with a fixed 8m bed, 2 small site trucks, and a prime mover with drop deck trailer enables us to be able to respond to situations involving delivery and pick up at short notice. This allows us to rely less on outsourced transport, reducing the delays in turnaround of products. We have been able to assist our clients with several rapid turnaround jobs for breakdowns that would have been difficult to achieve without the use of our own vehicles to pick up materials and drop off the final product. We can also organise and arrange pilots and permits for over size loads.

  • 8m Truck Bed

  • Prime Mover

  • Drop Deck Trailer

  • Smaller site trucks

  • Rapid Turnaround

  • Self-Reliance

  • Additional Trucks on Demand

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